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Golden Shore Residence - Lake Balaton, nestled in the embrace of the Carpathian Mountains and the Bakony Hills, is a multifaceted gem. The lake boasts a unique microclimate, natural wonders, diverse landscapes, and endless experiences, ranging from the joys offered by the lake itself to the enchantment of wines. Truly, we can say this is the Tuscany of the Carpathians.
Located on the southern shore of Lake Balaton in Balatonlelle, when we gaze down from the Baroque chapel of St. Donát in Lellei Kishegy, a natural wonder unfolds before us, the intimacy of which captivates those who visit here.

Golden Shore Residence is located 1500 meters from the city center, offering luxurious family accommodation that was opened in 2022. In this Mediterranean-style house, there are 3 bedrooms, a living room, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen with a terrace view, and a room with bunk beds that can bring great joy to children and can also accommodate adults. We welcome guests seeking relaxation to our holiday accommodation, where covered parking spaces and a wonderful covered terrace await you. Here, men can showcase their dishes prepared on the grill and open fire.
While the children can play joyfully in the designated playground or splash around together in the hot tub, friends or family can relax on the terrace, sipping wine and planning the activities for the next day. Because, as we can proudly say, the vibrant Balaton, pulsating with life all year round, awaits everyone with numerous events and experiences!

Lake Balaton both in winter and summer!


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